Like "Hello there! There are two here I would have to disagree with them on: flavored waters and frozen meals. I drink propel vitamin water EVERY MORNING. That is like everyone else's coffee. It gives me a good energy boost and doesn't harm my BG. In fact, we had a discussion at my last Endo appointment about my diet and he was very impressed. He was telling me to just "watch" these frozen meals. I only eat "Healthy Choice" I go for the ones that are loaded with the vitamins and minerals and "low Carbed". The same is said about my vitamin water. I cut my diet soda down to one per night as well.The others, oh yeah, I am a BIG pain in my house about these. unless I need something fast for tight and VERY BUSY nights. Other wise, it is pretty much all low carb and home cooked. I get the magazine now, I should look into their web site. "