Like "Hi, when I was diagnosed my blood sugar was 550 & I was afraid to eat anything because like you they didn't tell me anything but cut back on sugar. Diabetes is a little more than that. When I did get into classes I did watch what I ate & walked & even with the met formin it took me 4 weeks to get close to normal. the best advice for me was, Pick the carb first. Carbohydrates turn into sugar, but if the carb is high fiber 5+ than it takes the body a lot longer to break down that particular carb into sugar so try to get things that say "whole grain". Whole wheat is still process & breaks down quickly so it's got to say whole grain & look at the fiber number. or if you decide to have fruit, there are natural sugars in that so just limit portions. I use diet jello's & puddings for desserts. Getting back to picking the carb. If you want dessert, than you should limit the bread, or pasta in that meal. If you want bread, than skip dessert or pasta. Loading up with most veggies won't spike sugars. I liked taking my blood sugar numbers 2 hours after a meal & just before so I could gage what foods did what. For me breakfast is so easy. Eggs & meat are all protien & with a little toast. there are very little carbs there. I do drink diet Ocean Spray cranberry juice so I don't add up on carbs on the juice/fruit side. I also have switched my breads to arnolds sandwich thins, these are good & are high fiber so they breakdown slowly plus if I toast them it's like having a bagel. Even if you do everything right, it does take time for the sugar number to come done, 1 week didn't do it for me, so don't get discouraged, it took several weeks. this is what worked for me. Good luck, enjoy camping. diane"