Like "Hi, Barbara Welcome to DC. I love the Carolinas. Beautiful places, both. I'm not a doctor, of course, but it sure sounds like you have diabetes to me. And I'm sorry to say that, of course, but it's better that you know it now and try everything you can to get those numbers down by a good diet, losing weight, and exercising as well as you can what with your back problems. Doing research and reading and learning everything you can about diabetes is one of the best ways to get where you should be. It takes knowledge to fight this disease. I gather that you never suspected or knew before that you had diabetes. Having such high readings I would have thought that you would have felt unwell. Well, it doesn't matter, as long as you know now. You have a family history that's very much like mine. My Dad died from congestive heart failure. My Mom was not diabetic but she did probably pass the gene onto me because it was in her family and two of her sisters (my aunts) had diabetes big time, and from what I gather her mother, my grandma, had diabetes and heart problems. So, family history is important. Plus, your Dad is diabetic. Well, you're doing the right thing. Find out about diets here and at other trusted sites on the Internet. Here you can also find some real good recipes and some real good tips and advice. Again, welcome to DC. I'm sure you'll find it a wonderful place to come and talk, just as I have. I joined in May but spend some good time here, just talking and getting to know others. Let us hear from you. OK? "