Like "I tried to deny it too. I was not diabetic and had surgery so I have proof that my blood sugars were normal, then the doctor put me on lupron for pelvic pain & a month later my eyes went blurry & my sugar was 550. I kept saying let the meds get out of my system & I'd be fine but I knew that my dad & mom both my brothers have it, so I shouldn't have been shocked, but with that said, call me nuts but I enjoy trying to figure the numbers out. I have heard the number range 70-110 is ok and since I lived with 550, I don't panic too quickly,but if my numbers get over 165, I will definitely go for a 20 minute walk, again I think it's fun to see how much my numbers drop after different walk times. One class that I attened told me to choose my carb first. So If I want dessert than I should skip the bread & if I want the pasta skip the dessert, so that took much of the guess work out of picking my meals and I always get protien in my meals. I enjoy breakfast but some restraunts have pancakes, juice so when I see that I know that's all carbs & my sugars will go high. So I might go with eggs, sausage and a carb, even a small donut, go with coffee . So I allow my self to have some luxury. for me this diabetes has been a blessing, Watching what I eat because of my sugar numbers and walking as needed has actually helped me lose 30lbs. I never lost weight on diets but I'm not trying to lose weight I'm trying to get healthier. Good luck diane"