Like "Every person on the face of the earth is different. What's "normal" for one is not necessarily normal for you. I can go down to 80 without feeling like I've got an internal earthquake happening. But your doctor should be able to tell you a safe scale for you. Generally, I think that 70 to 120 is about right for most people, not necessarily you, though. Keep reading stuff here on this site on motivation and support, especially. We all are here because we have the disease and we know what it means to have it. Since you're new to diabetes, please try to get a copy of Gretchen Becker's book called: The First Year ..." I can't remember the whole name and I've lent my copy to one of my friends, but you can get the book on Amazon -- just do a search for Gretchen Becker and it'll come up. That book is wonderful to read especially when you're new to diabetes because it really helps you to understand the disease and calm some of the fears that one has when first receiving that news. Gretchen is diabetic herself, so she knows. There are also tons of good recipes here, but like I've said before, everyone's different and reacts differently to any foods. So, be careful, but try new recipes. Also, to help you get started with recipes, see the following website. There's also other websites which you'll learn about here. But this is just a start for you."