Like "I have some great news for you! With a few minor changes, you can use the exact same meal plan that you had last month and the month before. It's the ingredients and/or recipes that should change, not the entrees themselves. Do you like stuffed peppers? Go for it! Just tweak the recipe to lower the carbs, fat and calories of the filling. So that takes care of Monday night. Tuesday? What would you like to have??? There are recipes for all of your favorite foods here, on other websites and within various cookbooks. There's no reason you can't have any of your favorite foods if you tweak the recipes to lower carbs, limit fats, and substitute the bad with good. As you can see the answer isn't coming up with a daily menu plan of things you hate but rather give you the challenge of filling in the plan with what you like and going in search of accommodating recipes. Feel free to message me anytime for recipes if you get stuck. "