Like "Don't you just love it? Here you go, meds and a finger explanations. My first visit to a clinic was that way. Just take this pill because diabetics are supposed to take it. My doctor now is much better, but he still says I should only test two times a day. Fasting and before I go to bed. Well, I test much more often because I want to know what my body is doing. I want to know if I need to go for an extra walk or if I need a snack to hold me over til morning. As others have said, testing after meals is a good way to learn what your body is doing with the food and exercise you are giving it. It will show you what to avoid better than any list of foods from someone else, because it is your body telling you. If you can keep numbers below 140 you are doing great. If you can keep them below 180 you are doing good. Above that you know you need to consider taking some action in your choices of foods or adding some exercise. If you are seeing higher numbers often, you want to talk to your doctor to see if there might be some suggestions he/she can give you. Take your log book with you to your office visits so you can show your doctor what is going on. That will help in getting you an individual treatment just for you. Some times the generalize too much. "