Like "This is why I don't like exchanges. 1 serving is basically 1 serving of whatever somebody decided. 1 "carb" is 15g so for instance 1 serving of rice would be about 2.5 "carb." So, you need to figure out the nutrition in the whole dish and then work out how many carbs were in a serving. On the diet side of things. I would say that if you are having problems controlling blood sugar your diet is doing no favors. 4 "carbs" is 60g which is a lot for a diabetic, unless you are working out extremely hard for long periods of time. 45g for a snack is also huge. It might be a good idea to get a second opinion. What you can have is not what somebody tells you you can but what your body tells you you can. If you use your glucose meter you should be able to find what foods work for you and how much of them you can have. You may find that you will not only be able to avoid insulin but all medication completely. That may not be possible but it might be."