Like "Hi there, I am on a government income and insurance. I see my primary care doctor every two to three months unless something comes up sooner. Right now my sugars are not under control. They are higher now than what they use to be. After my last visit a week and a half ago he decided I should test 4 or more times a day and I don't always remember but I do keep a written record that I take back and forth to doctor visits with me. I am also currently having problems with my medications and saw both my regular doctor and my gastroenterologist a day apart from each other. After reading a diary of what has been going on they decided that I should add my medication from the list of those that I cannot take without vomiting within 24-48 hours. So add one at a time and take for a week if no issues add another until hopefully we narrow down to one culprit or maybe it's more than one. I don't know yet, too early in my experimentation. Your message gives no specifics. Why can you only go once a year? Are you employed or unemployed? Low, average or high income? From what little you wrote I'm guessing you only go once a year because of finances. It is possible that you may qualify for help from your state or government but like I said I'm working blindly with suggestions for lack of info. I know that if you have income limitations and fall between guidelines that there is help available out there. I should know because I have to depend upon them to keep my hubby and me happy, healthy and safe."