Like "I know, isn't that just crummy about grapefruit juice. The one fruit I really enjoy that doesn't spike me, and I can't drink or eat it because of my medicines. bummer. I don't know that it is "bad" to take medicines with juice, but here is how I see it. Juice is void of a lot of the benefits of actual fruit, unless you squeeze it yourself and drink it skin, pulp and all. Diet juice may have less sugar, but you then are drinking artificial sweeteners and that is the part that I consider bad. When you drink juice and if you are okay with considering it your carb for breakfast or whatever meal you use it with, then I think that is up to you. I don't drink juices because I see them as a waste of a carb, but that is just me. As far as medically, the only one I have been cautioned on is grapefruit. "