Like "I believe she assumed it because I am overweight. I have seen it before when people look at you think all you do is sit and stuff your face. I asked her today and she asked me if I think I am a overeather. I told her no. She did not answer me, I think she herself has gone. I don't think she understands diabetes. I guess I am no longer going to feel guilty for my weight. When I was young I would overeat but not now. I grew up on "diets" (my mothers problem). It has taken most of my life to undo the crap I learned on "diets". I eat right now and my levels are good. I am on insulin and have not gained weight or lossed it. I have gone from moving and doing 100% to moving and doing 20%. My legs swell within three hours of being out and about and it takes a couple of days for them to go down. I believe I was trying to figure out why I haven't losed weight and now I have my answer. I don't move as much and I am on insulin. Thanks for your reply. "