Like "When I was diagnosed I could drink a glass of water and immediately have to run to the bathroom and I was sleeping all the time extremely tired went to the doctor and my fasting blood sugar was 296, the started me on glipizide half a pill in the AM and when I went back he was not happy with my evening and morning blood sugars so he told me half in the morning and half at supper time Benn doing fairly good ever since. Started walking after supper been doing that for about 6 years but could not walk in the winter time so a few years ago bought a treadmill I walked so much that I was walking one night and flames shot out of the motor so thought it was time to buy a new one. I am now up to 70 minutes a night at 2.2 miles a hour. Plus a the walking I do during the day at work. Sorry did not mean to ramble, get carried away sometimes."