Like "Welcome to the site Florida54, you are in the right place to get some help. I think a lot of doctors don't take the time to explain much because they don't believe in their patients' desire to be a part of the treatment. You have to show them that you do. I know for me, it took a couple of visits to get that relationship going, but now we have one that works for both of us. First, find out what you are taking and do some research on your medications. I found to be a great assistance to me. Here you can find out what your drugs are supposed to be helping. Then learn how to test your blood. It does vary from person to person, but here is a good guide for you to start with. In the beginning, testing 2 hours after each meal and writing down what you ate will begin to show you what kinds of foods to avoid or reduce in portion sizes. Also, every diabetic needs to test. Type 1 (requires insulin) and Type 2 (may be on oral meds or insulin) All of us need to be testing. There is more, but start with this, and as you find out more things, you will have specific questions to ask your doctor. Don't leave until you understand the answers. It is a relationship that you should be glad to have, if it doesn't develop into that, like many have said....find a new one who will."