Like "My doctor said Metformin shouldn't have caused my hair loss but that maybe because of the trauma my body has gone through from having very high blood sugar to bringing it down and being controlled. I am still losing my hair, I started taking a multivitamin and a hair, skin and nails vitamin (found at any drug store) some have recommended taking prenatal vitamins but I hadn't discussed that with my doctor. I told him about the others and he said they were okay, as long as I didn't see any spikes high or low in my sugar levels. He had checked my thyroid on my first A1c test, but said that he would check it again on my 3rd A1c test in May. I also had very thick hair before and now it is very thin. With the vitamins I have noticed new hair growing back, of course I want it to be super think again overnight but I have to remind steps, baby steps...:)"