Like "From my point of view, drugs and supplements are very different. Generally a med will have a much bigger chance of working and when it does it will work better than a supplements. However, it can also cause more problems than a supplement. A supplement may work, it may not. If it does work you will probably see a minor change but the risk of a major side effect is low. Meds get pushed through approval way too fast and with not enough data right now so I wouldn't say they are well regulated. Januvia is a prime example. I take it but I would rather not and I keep on the lookout every day. It was approved with very little studies and got through a major loophole. They were able to show it didn't cause cancer directly however it's mechanism of action inhibits part of your immune system that helps protect against cancer as well as being used in many more sections of the body. This aspect of the drug was not tested nor was it required to be tested for FDA approval. Even though herbs are not FDA controlled (well, they kind of are) it's unlikely they will cause serious damage to your body which is very possible with a prescription medication. For most people who take meds you have to weigh up the benefits and the risks. Unfortunately, the choice may be a loosing one whichever way it goes. Take januvia, have good numbers but possibly increase your risk of cancer. Don't take januvia, don't increase your chance of cancer but increase your chances of diabetic complications. Not a good choice either way."