Like "momoftype1, I'll share a little of our experience. My son was a little older than your child is now. We too had heard all the good things about the pump. Though it was expensive (even with insurance), we wanted to do whatever we could to help him. We went to the class. We learned to count carbs like experts. We were so excited for the day to start the pump. Then we went to meet with the nurse and our endo to begin pumping. We love our endo, but he walked in and dropped a bombshell on us. He said something to the effect that going on the pump actually increased our son's chances of ending up in the hospital with ketoacidosis. We were shocked. He explained the dangers of blocked tubing, pump malfunctions, etc. He gave us some strict rules we had to follow. And admittedly, it was a little frightening. Now it's been 4 years and our son has never been to the hospital with ketoacidosis. We've had some really high blood sugars due to some pump issues. But we've always been able to follow "the rules" and get things back in control. We love the pump and are glad we did it. As Brooke points out, you and your doctor have to assess if your child has the maturity to take the responsibility needed to be on a pump. I disagree a little with Charlie's "fool proof" comment. It is not fool proof or auto pilot. The pump does make a lot of things simpler, but you also have to be aware of more aspects that can cause trouble. I hope that's somewhat helpful information for you. Best of luck. Let us know what you decide."