Like "Diabetes like anything else in life has an impact on your marriage, yes. It is up to us as individuals to open up to our partners and allow them to see what we are going through. Some partners will be supportive while others may not. This is the case in almost anything that can impact a marriage. Diabetes effects our mood, intimacy, and finances, undoubtedly! Many of us aren't mind readers and we shouldn't expect our significant others to be. No one can know how we think or feel unless we open up to them. We shouldn't assume how someone feels either. Instead we should just ask them what they think/feel. I know it's scary as hell to do this, but if you really want the answer, that's what you need to do... ask. Communication is one of the cornerstones to any good relationship. I try to include my husband when it comes to decisions concerning my health and well being, but he knows in the long run the decision is mine to make. He doesn't criticize my food choices but once in a while he'll give me a look that seems to say or even ask "Are you sure about that?" Yes, I realize that I am lucky enough to have a spouse who is supportive of me and who is willing to treat me like an adult and not his child, and I try to give that back to him. "