Like "Mays, I want to thank you for your straightforward, honest, and caring approach to this disease. You know I'm very new at this, but your input and responses have helped motivate me so much. You'r right. It's not the food industries, restruants, or anyone else's fault. I have no way of knowing if diabetes is passed in my family but it really does't matter. It's nobody's fault but it is my responsibility. I can stay in the problem or get into the solution. My choice. I hate having to be mindful of diabetes all day. The supermarket labels are driving me crazy. Oh my! Look what and how much I've been carelessly putting into my body. Oh wow, Look how I can't find many things to substitue it with. And oh nuts! Look at how hard it is to get out my front door and walk every day. But when it comes to the consequences of not doing it, I'm the one who suffers. I can blame all I want, but "they" don't have to live with my decisions. I want to learn more, I want the discipline it takes, and I want to not live in fear. Taking control takes away my anxiety and fear of what could and will happen. Thank you again and all of you here who are honest and supportive."