Like "I knew somebody once they was a diabetic he took his insulin but never checked his blood sugars, didn't even have a meter. He came and stayed a few days, poor soul drank like a fish in water and ate whatever he wanted, had no feeling at all in his feet and when they took him into the hospital, they way I heard it anyway, don't know what happen if he got drunk and gave himself too much insulin or what but his blood sugar was below 10 and he didn't make it through the night. He was a good person but did not have an understanding of what he needed to do or what could happen to him by not understanding what to do. I tried to explain to hi how important it was to check his sugar levels but he just blew off. I probably don't need to but I check my at least 4 times a day, if I feel out of sorts will check it to make sure I'm ok."