Like "Thank goodness you now have your blood sugar down to at least 200....Mine was off the charts when I was diagnosed; I ended up in the ER in full blown ketoacidosis, had a terrible yeast infection, and a urinary tract infection....I am now on the pump, and it is still hard for me to keep mine down to a decent level....However, now, when I check it, and it is over 200, I can give myself an adjustment, and get it down. I start moving, and drinking water, one glass after another to keep the blood sugar washed out of my kidneys, and it does help to get it down! I am type 1.....I think you need to see your doctor; it is possible that you might need some insulin....I don't know, I'm not a physician.....We are here to offer support, and give suggestions, not to diagnose....Take care, and get some professional help soon!!!"