Like "Mays: Not sure what you mean by expecting the site to be "more professional". Many of us are professionals, but diabetes is the great common denominator. This site to me is amateur in the truest and best sense of the word. We are Olympians of survival, not professionally sick people looking for professional intervention (we have doctors and other health care providers we go to for that). In regards to your apparent distaste for pity, everyone is entitled to a period of time on the "pity pot", but everyone has to get off it if they are to survive and thrive. I have seen plenty of tough love on this site where peers help peers find their way out of pity and to newfound resolve to help themselves and others. To borrow from the 12 steps, why don't you share your experience, strength and hope, and take what you like from this site and leave the rest. I'll extend the same courtesy to you. Best wishes! "