Like "I am starting with Cotton only at first then when I get more comftroble with the machine I'll slowly add other materials if that is ok with everyone. I was told it will take me atleast a year getting the hang of quilting so I decided to go this way. If everyone gets me the materials I have asked for in the top message I will make them in the order I get the Materials in the mail and send the quilts back to each and everyone as they are done. Pictures will be posted in the photo section as they are done for all to see. One quilt per Address please.Even if I end up with more than I can make in a year you have till Oct. 31, 2009 to have your Quilting Package posted to me and I will make the quilts as fast as I can. Please list the pattern you want made on a sheet of paper with your Materials and I'll pin that to the Quilt tops as I complete them so as not to mix them up. Don't forget to put your name and address on it so I can get them mailed out as fast as I can. I also ask that you enclude you Phone Number so If I have Questions I can call you. Thankyou in advance."