Like "Welcome to DC. Are you Type 1 or 2? I have learned what is good for me is change all white to brown (white bread, white pasta, white rice) whole wheat bread, whole wheat pasta, brown rice. Beans are good. Next thing cut out all sodas and as much sugar as you can. Then count carbs which I haven't started yet. You don't want more than 15 carbs per meal. I eat regular oatmeal with substitue sugar for breakfast. Some kind of snack in between - celery, carrots. For lunch I eat a half sandwhich - whole wheat bread with tuna or chicken or turkey. Try to stick to eating chicken, turkey, fish and if any red meat very lean and not often. Try drink 8 glasses of water and before you eat if possible. I know water for me is hard to drink but I drink it with crystal lite or ice tea. Then a snack before dinner. Then for dinner a small portion (small portions are important, too) whatever meat, vegetable or pasta. Try stay way from potatoes and starch if possible. And then for snack later like around 9 or 10 I have 3 crackers with peanut butter and that helps keep by BG low. I have learned all this on DC and it has really made a difference in my sugar readings and my diet with my weight. The best of luck to you. Kathy"