Like "BOOBIE, every diabetic is different and responds differently to meds. A lot will depend on your diagnosis. Basically, you will need to cut back sharply on carbohydrate intake and increase your exercise. I strongly recommend that you find a class for new diabetics. Most hospitals offer them free of charge or perhaps your doctor can help you find one. Also, there are many experienced diabetics here who are happy to offer advice. But there's no 'magic diet' that works for everybody. As an insulin-requiring type 1, my diet is very different from most type 2's. We all need to control our diets but I actually need more carbs. Browse through the posts here and read up on the answers others have asked and had answered. If your own questions aren't covered, go ahead and ask. It's almost certain that somebody else has dealt with the same thing at one time or another. The only stupid question is the one you don't ask. We're all family here so welcome to the family. :)"