Like "You are absolutely right that you also have to be diligent when you are on injections. However, the key difference as our endo explained is that when you take an injection, you know you got the insulin. When you're on the pump, there are many factors that could cause you to think you received insulin when in fact you didn't. A site that has gone bad. Air in the tubing. A malfunction in the pump. A canula that becomes crimped. What they see, particularly in teenagers, is a tendency to continue to bolus insulin when they get high readings. The young patient just thinks all he/she needs is more insulin, when in fact, they aren't getting any insulin. In very short order, the kid is spilling ketones and getting in very dangerous territory. Please don't think that I'm saying that I think this news story was handled perfectly. As I said, I agree that it has been sensationalized. But I also believe (as a parent of a child on a pump) that it is a good reminder that there are dangers to be aware of."