Like "Use us as a testing site to form your thoughts into a list of things to ask your Dr. We are here for you, we all have our battles in various forms, so who are we to criticize?? My burden is having been in a psych hospital so many times that I doubted my own sanity--as did the whole town---IT WAS SO HARD to hold my head high to walk down the street, as there was gossip following me everywhere---no safety net anywhere---so I had to learn to stand straight and look folks in the eye. If I had had a particular "hairy " expereince, I openly just told everyone about it, the stay and what they do to help us---gives us a place to recuperate from the so-called "Normal" folks!! After 40 years, I can truly know that I am OK, and so are you!! Now I can look them all in the eye, know that they probably would have folded for good if they had been in my shoes, my psychiatrist kept telling me that I was a strong person, but there wasn't too much demand for one---(MY THOT!!) Love yourself and others will too, or at least cut you some respect!! Best Wishes! PR"