Like "Wow, Harlen!! Thank you so MUCH for opening up and sharing your own struggles!! That is one reason I opened up so much, to find others who could share their own struggles and put mine into proper perspective!! One BAD thing when you keep so MUCH STUFF shut inside of us, we get to thinking that we are the only one who has messed up in some way, and it is so reassurring and supportive to know that we are NOT ALONE!! Great stuff, Harlen!! I also love your positive attitude and gives me a boost in my own fight---I admit, I get drug down at times, but this site has so helped me in "rev ving up" again, and "get the lead out" and keep going!!! I sure wouldn't want to burden my family with the site of my FEET being stuffed to become a lamp!! ( like Antique D suggests---) Have your ever seen my feet??? hahha--The x-rays look like something you could hang in the trees for Halloween!! haha--BUT I can still WALK!! AMEN!! Thanks, Harlen!! Pat Roth"