Like "Again...I will was my recommendation...and still is... Honestly any doctor can suck...we all know this...its a journey always to find the right "fit"...My opinion is based on my statement above that an internist is a jack of all illness/desease and a master of none...(and that is fine, its the point of what they do!)...but when you need fine tuned help you seek out the master of the desease...I "get" that not all endocrinologists are worth it...Get a different one...Like you would if your internist was not thorough... Infact my journey is taking me to the Mayo Clinic in January...and I will be seeing their "Endocrinology" department not the internal medicine...We are seeking a solution to a diabetic issue...thats where you go...Its been a long journey of doctors unable to help me and ultimately it has led me to the top of the line in Endocrinology... All i'm saying is be your own advocate...find the right fit with a doctor and most likely that doctor will be an endocrinologist that see's hundreds of people just like you...not an internist that see's a few like you and hundreds of teens, adults, and geriatric patients with other needs... I really didn't want a was a simple reply to something and something I thought was worth considering...We can surely agree to disagree and this thread and all are perfect for people to realize options and make the smartest decisions for themselves... Thats what its all about..its all good... Peace Deb"