Like "Good Morning to all of my Family and Friends here. This morning my Sugar level was back down to 64 it hasn't been that low in awhile now. I was the only one home yesterday and I got all of my House work done and just layed around all day after I got done. I went to bed about 10 and Bill woke me up before 4 we talked for almost an hour. He has called me 3 times already this morning and it is only 6:25 here so far. LOL Below please find my Sugar levels for the past week. Monday the 7th @ 4:52 am 70 then @ 8:07 pm 364 Tuesday the 8th @ 5:12 am 132 then @ 4:34pm 237 and @ 7:46 pm 160 Wed.the 9th @ 9:44pm 197 didn't check it the rest of the day. Thurs.the 10th @ 10:48 am 118 and @ 8:05 pm 306 Friday the 11th @ 3:51 126 and then @ 6:46 pm 159 Sat. the 12th @ 4:27 am it was 172 and then @ 3:08 pm 127 @ 6:03pm it was 172 and then @ 8:06 it was 158 and now this Morning on the 13th @ 4:52 am it is 64 On Friday I was so upset that I started Throwing up about 5:30 and then I checked my sugar level to see how that affected my sugar level and seen that it didn't go down infact it went up and everything I had ate for the day seemed to be coming back up. I finially stopped around 11 pm. One time while I was in the bathroom upchucking I asked what time it was and the kids said 911 I went back to bed and got up 2 more times before 11. Yesterday I only threw up once and then I seemed to mellow out. I have been at home alone since 9 am yesterday morning and It helped me alot to have some of the stress removed from my shoulders. Well I can't access the web site I need to go to Today so I am going back to bed for a little longer. Will finish this post tonight and I'll add my weight with the rest of my Sugar numbers for this week. Ok here is the last number for today @ 9:58 pm it was 139 and my Weight is now @ 255.6 pounds down another 4.4 pounds this last month. Your Friend Always; Edie"