Like "I have 2 Son's Billy (William Jr.) and Gerald and everyone at work calls him General there are 2 Gerry's that work there and so they had to find a different name for my Gerry his one nephew called him General and so did his brother when they were younger so that is the name he has at work. I have 3 Daughter's Ann who was named after both my sister Sue Ann and my Mom Joyce Marie ( Ann Marie), Mary who was named by Ann as I thought I was going to have a son and not to be had at that time so She was Named Mary Ellen (Walton) LOL Ann told me to take her back to the Hosp as her Sister's name was not Huyck (Hike) and then Pamela Sue named after her Aunt Peggy Sue but she never liked her first name so our's got Pamela we call her Pam. Ann and Mary are the 2 oldest and Pam is the youngest of the 5 with Billy and Gerry in the middle. Ann is lacking 2 days of being 3 years older than Mary and then Billy is 10 Months and 2 weeks older than Gerry and Pam is lacking 20 days of being a year younger than Gerry. So from Nov.5th to the 25th Pam and Gerry is the same age and then from Nov. 25th to Jan.11th the 2 boys are the same age. Funny right. My Hobbies are Quilting and Cooking in that order too. Used to be Cooking and Reading now the Reading is with making Quilts and then the Cooking."