Like "Kjs This is what I do I was Dx on 26 Feb 2009 with an A1C of 14.1. Fasting Blood sugar 366. On Oct 5th I went for my latest A1C and it was 5.6. I drink a low carb protein drink when I wake up in the morning. A few hours later I have one serving of peanuts or sunflower seeds for a mid morning snack. For lunch I eat some tuna fish, coleslaw, stir fried vegetables (Broccoli, cauliflower, onions, spinach and garlic), VTP carrot cake and for the last few weeks VTP chocolate cake. Sometimes I may have some home made soup. For supper I eat a salad with low carb dressing and I like to add some extra red wine vinegar and a little olive oil. I sometimes will eat more vegetables and have some chicken breast and at least once a week I have some beef and every so often I will have some pork. At night I eat some almonds or walnuts for a snack. I don’t eat anything made of flour or grains. No bread, Pasta, chips, cookies, cakes, or anything with more than 5 or 6 net carbs per serving. (the TVP cakes are made of soy & flax seeds) I try and eat lots of vegetables and have been using a vegetable drink for several months. I read an article by David Mendoza ( ... nk-veggies) about drinking your vegetables and recently have been taking a fiber supplement. I recommend exploring his site and joining his newsletter. ( Best thing I have done to date. ( When first Dx I ate lots and lots of vegetables mostly because I was afraid to eat anything else and my numbers went down fast. It only took a month to go from the BG in the 2-300 hundreds to around an average of 150. Also stay away from anything made with potatoes and corn. My doctor said peas also, but since I don’t like peas, I didn’t have to worry about them. I also tested 6+ times a day and tested everything I ate. Testing is the most important thing you can do to figure out what to eat. Find out what works for you. Best of luck. Kevin "