Like "Me too, I have fibromyalgia and walking to the mailbox is a pain.(no pun intended) I know it does help because my brother exercises only when he's high, and it helps bring his BG levels down. I know he should be exercising regularly but he doesn't and he doesn't eat right either. But his meds usually take care of his high BS levels and I told him that eating properly might possibly get him off the meds or at least lower it and it would help him to not go hypo if he eats too late or gets too busy at work and forgets to. At least it would help him not go hypo so easily if he could lower lowered his meds and eat properly but no, even after seeing our grandfather go through it he doesn't listen. I'm only 32 and he's 31 so if we don't take care if it now, we're going to have a lot of serious problems down the road, well hopefully, he'll shape up...or else I have to tell MOM!!! :)"