Like "I am a physicain specializing in the treatment of people with diabetes and I hear your question frequently. Can I cure my type 2 diabetes mellitus (T2DM)? The answer is "no". T2DM is not curable but instead controllable. With proper education, diet, weight loss, exercise and medications. T2DM can be very well controlled. There is data to suggest that gastric bypass surgery may "cure" T2DM while other believe the T2DM is just "in remission" from the drastic weight loss. I believe it is a life-long illness. Be sure you get the proper education by a nurse and dietician at an American Diabetes Association accredited education center & assemble a good diabetes care team to treat you. I discuss both these issues and many others in my first book "I Have Diabetes!! Now What?" Visit my website for more diabetes related information and links to buy my books."