Like "Hi Pam: It is good hearing from you, and don't worry about how long your comments are. I appreciate all the help I can get. I have other issues with my depression,and I know that these issues add to the depression. Sometimes I have these horrible. awful bad thoughts go through my mind that I deffinately do not want there. And, I'm sure that everyone has had this or something simular happen to them at some time or other. It usually has to do with religion. I am having a hard time this morning with these thoughts running rampant through my mind. They fill me with all kinds of fears, and I pray daily that they will go away. I am fighting for my sanity right now. Does this ever happen to you? This probably doesn't make any sense to you at all because it is too painful for me to go into what the thoughts are about. Maybe some time I will get up enough courage to go into it more deeply. Pray for me. And, thank you for being my friend. Sue "