Like "I suffer swimmers ear myself. First question is do you have inner ear or outer ear infection. If its inner, please see a doctor. If its outer ear, then go buy a ear wax removal kit. Throw the liquid away as what you really want is the plunger. Now get a bowl. Take some warm water, not hot, warm, put in some vinager, or lemon or lime juice. What you want is some acid to change the PH of the water. Now fill the plunger with the water, shoot the water into your ear so it can flush it out. Might take more than one irrigation. At times, it takes me up to 20 minutes. Becarefull, to much and you might loose your balance. After you have irrigated your ear, use a cotton swab, but not too far in. YOur goal is to remove some water. Now take a blow dryer and put it on low setting and just hold it pointed at your ear so that the warm air is entering your ear. The goal now is to dry the ear canal. Its she stagnant water that tends to mold and cause swimmers ear. Hope this works for you. Good luck."