Like "I am a Type 1 Diabetic, I was diagnosed ten years ago at age 13. The fact that I could not live my life like a normal teenager like the rest of my friends made me severely depressed. These last ten years, I overcame suicide attempts and numerous hospital stays for DKA. So, I can understand your feelings of depression. But you are stronger than this disease, WE ALL ARE! I still struggle with depression today. My medical insurance was recently discontinued and because I have a pre-existing condition, finding coverage for myself is a battle. The programs that I do qualify for cost more than I can afford, and I'm already working two jobs and going to school full-time. To add to it, I broke my foot and have to use crutches and wear a fiberglass cast for the next 3 months. All of these problems are valid causes for depression, but as a human being, and as a strong woman, you and I, EVERYONE, is blessed with the strength to handle whatever comes our way. To deal with it, I have gone to a psychiartrist and didn't like having to share my true feelings with a stranger. I am on anti-depressant medication, and I rely heavily on my faith, I pray, I meditate, I depend of the fellowship of my church. I rely on my fiance, he is the first person (who was not a doctor) to care so intensely about my Diabetes. He takes care of me like no one else. I rely on my nieces and nephews, their smiles, their laughter, and their simple existence brings joy to my world. I also rely on my music to keep me grounded and positive. I think if you surround yourself with what makes you happy, you will feel happy. I think that this place is a wonderful way for people who need the understanding of someone who actually does know what we are going through. Its one thing to hear it from someone expressing SYMPATHY, however there is much more feeling and a deeper meaning to hear it from someone expressing EMPATHY. I pray God blesses you in all that you do, please keep a positive attitude for tomorrow is another day. Love and blessings, Lii (pronounced Lee-ee)"