Like "Hi BLC, I too have the Medtronic pump, and I too was using the infusions sets that were recalled. Luckily I didn't have any problems with them. Now I am using the new ones, and am not having any better results than I did with the old ones. I also have a problem getting all the bubbles out of the reservoir. There won't be one bubble when I attach it to the pump, but a short time after that, the reservoir is full of tiny bubbles. I really don't know what to do about that. Guess I will have to contact the company and discuss it with them. And, they probably want be able to help me. Will also take it up with my endocrinologist at my next appt. I have been having lots of highs and lows,so I don't know if the pump is working correctly or not. To me, it seems that the infusion set doesn't connect tightly enough to the reservoir to keep air from getting in. Sometimes I just don't fully trust it. Thank goodness I have some insulin pens just in case this thing does not work properly. I can appreciate the fact that you wanted to go back to the injections. Believe me, I have thought about it as well."