Like "I'll just be honest with you, when I was pumping I had so much trouble with getting my supplies.Even though I only changed sites ever three days I ran out and they would not send me new shipments. Sometimes it was something to do with insurance and sometimes it was that their computer did not automatically refill my order. At least thats what they told me. I was also using the bad batch of infusion sets that were recalled over the summer and became very very sick because of that. There was one day my sugar reached over 600. I had no idea what was wrong with me because I had been using my pump exactly as I had been taught. Anyway after a year of dealing with Medtronic, high blood sugars for no reason and constantly getting an mild infection at each injection site I went back on shots. My sugars have actually been better. But my case is a rare one. Though several people did end up in the hospital over the bad batch of infusion sets. I hope your pumping experience works out much better than mine did. "