Like "Long before I became diabetic and had to learn about my own idiosyncrasies to carbohydrate intake, exercise, etc, I had a gentleman-friend who was Type 1 diabteic who also had epilepsy and saw a neurologist as well as his endocronologist. His seizures only occurred in the middle of the night when his blood glucose levels became too low and he did not wake up in time to eat/drink something. This was before we had testing devices other than BG chem strips. My friend was also very intelligent and knew more about his own body's goings-on which esasperated his doctors as he did not follow their precise orders but did as he logically felt right. My suggestion is perhaps an EEG might show something that relates the the fluctuating blood sugars. Sometimes we think that diabetes is the total sum of ourselves and that there is not room for anything else to go wrong. As an example, my diabetes is under really good control, but I have 3 kinds of anemia that have my hemetologist stumped and concerned. I eat to treat the anemia and put the concern for cardiac complications in the left-field bleachers. Life is bunch of trade-offs. Good luck with finding some answers."