Like "Check and see if your county has a free clinic that you can go to. Most couties have at least one hospital that is considered the county hospital for those who cant afford full health care. Those numbers are high for a T2 to be daily. Cut down on carbs. Eat more vegtables. Cut out processed foods if you can. I know carbs are cheaper to eat. And in your case, its going to be hard to make your descisions on what to eat. The bathroom visits is your bodies way of trying to flush out the sugars out of your system. If this keeps up, you are going to have kidney trouble. Your eye sight is going to be affected. If you start to see starburts around break light on the cars in front of you, its a sign that your corneas are coated and you are starting to have issues with your eyes. I hear you that you want to see a doctor and you want help, but please start looking into county clinics, free clinincs. Anything that you can do as to get the help you need. Im praying for you. Good luck."