Like "Thanks Betsie for all your great ideas. I love writing so a journal sounds like a really good idea. I did a lot of recording of my blood sugars when I was diagnosed and I think that made me do better with my sugars. I sort of got lazy and quit doing that but maybe if I start back it will give me a visual of where I am at with my diabetes. I do know I am not in s good place with my diabetes right now. You are right about seeing the positives in my life, I have a good husband and wonderful little boy and a roof over my head. I am blessed. Pets are great listeners. When I played with my little rat my blood pressure was better. I know it sounds like I am crazy for loving a rat so much but I think friends come in all shapes, sizes and species. She was a good friend. Thank you for all your kind words. Another positive in my life.........Kind people like you. Thanks again. BLC"