Like "Sarguillo, Thanks so much for your thoughtful reply. I really liked the idea about taking my meals to work with me. I usually just run by a drive-through during lunch. It just seems quicker but actually by taking my lunch I can plan a healthy meal and possibly save myself from a high bs. My husband has been a great outlet and he listens well. But you know sometimes I just want to be a "normal" wife and not put him through all the stresses I deal with. But he is very understanding and I know I am blessed to have him. Thank you for the kind words about my little rat. My sister runs a rescue for dogs and cats and she said she can get me a rat when I am ready for one. Maybe someday. I was actually on the pump from June of 08 until July of 09. I still had a lot of trouble with blood sugars with it. And I had some trouble with infections at the infusion sites. Sometimes I feel like a complete failure because I couldn't even make my sugars better with the pump. Maybe someday I'll try it again. Thanks so much for your helpful advice. It is hard to find others who understand the ups and downs of being diabetic. I am so glad to have found this site with understanding and kind people like you. Thanks again. BLC"