Like "Hello, I hear you. You are not alone. FIrst off, try to take some time to plan out your day. Work can be stressfull so plan the night before what you are going to eat the next day. My sister-inlaw used to take a large grocery bag to work with her meal inside. Just make good descisisons of what you are going to eat. If you have to eat out because of work, then try to ask for a heart heathy menu items. They tend to be more vegtable type meals with less carbs and less fat. Learn to love Ice Tea on those meeting lunches. That is what I do. Yes, depression can be a big thing with Diabetics. Do you have an outlet? SOmeone you can talk to? Sorry to hear about your pet. Pets are big in some peoples lives. I had it hard when I had to put down my dog 4 months ago. Yes, he was a rodent, but that does not deprive his value as your pet. Dry your eyes. Look into small pet rescue and in his honor, rescue another pet when the time is right. If you think about it as an honor to the love you had for him, then it will help out as a way to say, yes, he was here, and is now gone, but I still remember him. Have you looked into a pump? If you dont have the time to take care of your self during the day, you need a pump. End of story. Just make sure you set it all up and eat to your settings. Again, you are not alone. We have been there. You are still young and have your life to look forward to, Please try to take care of yourself. As for your stressfull job, do you have an outlet to stress? Reading, Biking, anything that you like to do on your time off? Take some time off and do it, If you dont know what you like to do, then strart finding out about yourself. SOme like to cook, others like to walk, find a mellow outlet and enjoy it. I hope things start to go your way. Good luck."