Like " is just getting the white walls off the wheel! LOL Yeah, I do the hand thing, but I know I would do better and save time if it was a booklet already done. The books I have seen never allow for all the things that affect our levels. They usually focus so much on just the numbers...I know emotions and stress play a huge role in my numbers and more so in my food cravings, which inturn mess with my numbers. The more we know about what is going on, the more we can put the dots together. I am on the computer enough with all the other things I do, and I guess I am just old fashioned and like paper. I like to flip thru the pages and compare days. I like to see a good day (with a big smiley face on it) and see what meals worked really well, or if it was that I exercised more that day....we have to be our own advocates and besides. I am curious as a cat when it comes to figuring out what makes us tick."