Like "Thanks John, but read what I said above about the last two weeks. You know the humalog is a good insulin but not in my case. I had better control when using it but I also suffered. If it wasn't for my own experiments the past two weeks I never would have known. I never keep records of my blood tests or what I eat for I always do the same thing. Test my sugar , figure what I want to eat and take enough insulin to cover the food. To me keeping a record is a waste of time and effort. To me it is like living in the past. I am at a point now where I look at a portion of food without measuring and figure that it will take ex amount of units of insulin and with the time factor envolved how many units I will need to take to keep my sugar at 100. I know my diabetes very well and for 30 yrs. plus my sugars are closer to that 100 mark, more so all of the time. I am always testing for thats how you keep control. If my sugar does go up more than expected, then I just shoot up with what is necessary. The important thing is I don't wait. The sooner you get the sugar down the less of a problem it will be later on in life...long term side affects...I would much rather use the Humalog becouse it works 3 hrs. quicker, but such is life, I prefere not to have the cramps."