Like "My Chiropracter and my son are the only tqo people who have been able to give me any help. I now only take 4 suppliments but the most important thing is that I have stopped taking Humalog insulin. That seems to be the cause of it all. I have experimented with it and found that the muscle spasims return when I use that insulin. I know very well how to treat myself for my diabetes. The food I consume has nonthing to do with the problem. I have experimented with this for 8 yrs. now and know very well where the cause is arriseing from. My diet and insulin intake are well under control, as they always have been.Through experience I treat my own diabetes and go to only one Docter. I keep my distance from diabetic specialists becouse they know nonthing about diabetes. I needed to know what the cause was, and as usual had to find it myself. Which I did. The medical profession as usual could not give me any salutions what so ever."