Like "I take lantus at night and symlinPen before each meal. I do reuse the needles and I have not had any problems. After I give myself a shot, I recap the needle and put the medication away. I always check to make sure that the tip is not damaged. My diabetic supplies are all paid for with the exception of the needles. Between Medicare and BCBS, my co-pays each month amount to $260.00. If you add the $180.00 for medical premium and $94.00 for Medicare coverage, the cost ($594.00) is quite high. Being on a fixed income, that's an awful lot of money and I have to cut wherever I can. "Needles" is one place I can cut. I have been doing this now for 3 months and I have not had any infection anywhere. So either I'm extremely lucky or there is no danger in doing it."