Like "That is interesting. Did you test her after she ate? I would be more worried if her blood sugar was high. When Troy was diagnoised he was 609. I wouldn't know why her numbers are so low unless it was because she was tested before eating or after excercise or high activity. I would try checking her after she eats. It must be scary for you. My husbands side of the family is plauged with type 2 diabetes. His Dad, brother, both grandmas on both sides of his family, several aunts,are type 2 and his sister is type 1 diabetic as is Troy. It is unbelievable. So yes she could get type one too but being that her numbers are low might be a sign to another problem. I mean that is scary for her numbers to be that low all day. Very curious. She should be in a range of 80-180. Something like that. I would test her again tomorrow. I hope she is O.K. I'll check back tomoorow. I am curious let us know if she is o.k please. So scary when it is your baby. Troy's Mom"