Like "Yes, yes and yes. A food log is your best friend. While I was learning what was going on in my body (and any time I make a big change in my routine) I test before each meal, write down what I ate and how much. (I also do a carb, calorie, fat, and sodium break down, but don't start with that, you will go crazy. LOL) Then I test 2 hours after my meal and see how my body reacted. I note if I took meds with my meal and I also write down snacks. This has helped me so much understand diabetes, what foods I can eat and what foods I should avoid. It helps me find patterns and it also keeps me disciplined. Exercise is another thing I keep track of in my book, and I can see how days that I exercise well, my levels do better. It is a great motivation too, to see improvements because of things I do. It helps me understand what I can do better and gets me off my butt on lazy days. LOL I just moved and am still getting back into my groove on the log, but it is a tremendous help. Each month I also average all my numbers and find my trouble spots, then I do a quarterly average as well, so I can get a feeling of what my A1c might be. It is a hard thing to do and it does take time and experimenting to see how you want to do it, but it is my life saver. Keeps me honest too! I just use a spiral notebook and use one page for my whole day. I also write down emotions or events that happen because sometimes it isn't what you eat as much as what your body is going thru emotionally or physically. It is also my best friend when I go to visit my doctor. I have all that information ready for him and it often generates questions I can ask him on how to improve what I am doing. Good luck, and go for it. Be patient with it, and it will come natural. It has taken me about a year to finally get it the way I want, so keep on trying."