Like "My first thought when I found out I was diabetic was "I'd rather be dead". My second thought, once I pondered over it all was "Thank God I'm alive." I look at the "bad" foods as foods that will kill me. Like they're the mafia with big machine guns that will blow me away. I just don't eat them... they'll end up killing me, so why eat something that will have that kind of affect on me. The first thing I did was go through the foods that I ate on a regular basis and figured out how much of it I could eat. Then one by one I either kept them on the list or deleted them. Knowing how much of something you can eat is key for me. Like the ice cream... would I rather have 1/2 cup of ice cream or a whole banana... which is going to fill me up... which will end up being the most satisfying...? I also kept a diary of everything that went into my mouth. If I ate it, it went on the list. You'd be surprised what you will "not eat" if it has to go on the list. And it was an easy way for me to keep up with my carbs that I was eating. I would label the carbs and make sure that I only ate 3 portions per meal and one per snack. I tried to stay between 9 and 12 carb portions a day. And if your numbers are high you can immediately see what you ate and shouldn't have by what your numbers are. And exercise... I found that exercise that I do today has an affect on my blood sugar tomorrow. And my stress level has a direct and immediate affect on my sugar levels. So... lay back and relax... knowing that what you ate today isn't going to get you shot by the mafia! ;-) Anyway... it's been an interesting road to travel on and my journey continues... "